Data Science
team at Suven

Rocky Jagtiani Technology trainer to companies like Accenture , Morgan Stanley, EY. Have trained more than 18000 candidates in 0-3 years work-ex category. Having 18+ of years of training experience. Would be teaching most of the subjects under data science domain. Specializes in Python , ML and NLP.

Niraj Sharma Presently Data Analyst at NeoSoft (CMM level 5). An expert in R programming. An active contributor at Kaggle Data Analytics using R competitions. Having 3+ years of training experience. Would be teaching Statistics and Data Analytics using R in this course.

Pankaj Sharma Pankaj Sharma is presently Senior Software Engineer at Mphasis. Had worked for 6.5 years as a consultant at Capgemini India & UK both. An active contributor at Kaggle ML-NLP-OpenCV competitions. Having ranked with in 500 in most competitions.

Hoshang Karanjekar is MTech in Computer Science specializing in AI domain. He works for Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd. Has a total experience of 4+ years. A problem solver on kaggle. Specializes in FLASK, AWS and deploying ML models on the cloud.

Simran Jagtiani Presently Head of HR & Operations , awarded as Women Entrepreneur of the year in 2011. Having mentored more than 5000 participants in the 0-3 years WorkEx category and having successfully placed all of them as IT professional.

2 mins please.... Let us get Introduced..

Well, let us introduce ourselves. We @Suven are a dedicated team of trainers, with Mr. Rocky Jagtiani heading the team. Here is his linked-in profile for details. We are very popular in Mumbai for our "Master's in Data Science" programme with  100% placement calls and 200% ROI . Please Google on "suven consultants reviews" or read some LI post here, here or here.

Many students and working professionals cannot make it to our class room training programmes (which don't cost lacs like that of UpGrad or GreatLearning or ... ) due to distance and time constraints.

Our team practically gets one request per day from students, College TPO's and IT support staff for our data science courses over Linked-in.  So here we are  with our  e-learning course modules .

It's your turn...... Please introduce yourself            

2 mins please.... Now about the Courses :

Well, the SuvenML team over the last 3 years of classroom training in Data Science experienced that their target audiences are of two categories :

Category A.

Students and Fresh Graduates wanting placements - post training

Category B.

Working Professionals (below 4 years workEx) and Students planning for MS(in US or UK) in some data science domain.

For Category A learners we have a package of 7 subjects namely Python Core programming fundamentals, SQL - Beginner to Intermediate, Python for Data Science, Machine Learning - Beginner, Machine Learning - Intermediate, Web skills for Coding Intelligent* Web application and Job-Prep Course.

This whole package of 7 subjects has to be taken together as it leads to 100% placements. Each subject has a e-Certification issued after the required assessment is done.

For Category B learners we have many subjects to choose from. One can choose one or more subjects according to skill he/she wishes to add to their profile. Each subject has a e-Certification issued after the required assessment is done.

Last 1 min.... Why learn from us ?

We promise we are better than most other online course providers out their on www. OOPs.. you think we are boosting.. not at all.

Quick Pointers :

> trained more than 15000 learners
> placed 78% immediately with in a month of completing the Placement track.
> So many people speaking (good) about us on social media.
> See here or here or simply Google "rocky sir suven".
> Each online course has a 20% open content for you to analyze our quality.
> Each course has
max 25% Video to explain the concepts
max 25% reading on theory concepts
50-60% code execution in Colab Notebooks or some other IDE

After-all you learn coding, by coding !!

Package of 7 courses for Freshers & Non-CS candidates seeking Placements

Placement Oriented "Data Science Track" with Web Implementation skills

Success Stories

  Independent Courses for IT Professionals & Students*

  (*Planning for MS in Data Science or Analytics)

Companies where our students are working